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I was wondering if it's possible to integrating your facebook event into your own website? and without creating a facebook application (means, you dont have app id, secret etc - you only have eventid/eid)

and what i'm trying to achieve is:

  • my event is a private event means only invited people can see the event details
  • and I want to list/parse the event wall post, and show it in my website
  • is it possible to put attend/maybe/not attend action on my website (any hint/example - much appreciate)
  • i want to show/list photo of my events as well

so the application flow more or less would be like this:

once the user come to the site, I'll check

if the user logged-in into facebook then
    if user invited to the event then
        full access to the site
        access denied (sort of)
    end if
    show facebook login form / ask the user to login into their facebook account
end if

is that possible? and what is the effective way to achieve it? should i create FB application?

Thanks in Advance

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  1. You need a Facebook Application
  2. You should grant the user_events,offline_access permissions and save your event ID and access token somewhere (this would answer your second point of listing event's wall post)
  3. Now that you are able to list your event's data, users should authorize and grant your application the create_event permission.
  4. Then refer to this answer to check how to rsvp a user (access_token here is the user's access token not the one you got from offline_access)

Please note that I don't guaranty the result of the above depending on your event privacy setting, so the best thing to do is test it.

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