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i am working on a vsto excel project, and i want to capture keypress, and keydown events on the worksheet.

i have tried globalKeyboardHook

but it gives exception, please any one have a solution, please provide guidance in right direction.

i want to capture the cell contents and provide auto suggest feature based on the contents, as the user types in the cell.

thank you in advance.

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can you please tell us how did you use it in your C# vsto workbook application ?i couldn't find way to do it.. –  Sangram Oct 31 '12 at 12:25

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You can easily achieve it using the GetAsyncKeyState() WinAPI function, but it would be a bad practice if you need a solid application that needs to work on different environments.

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Hey can you tell us how did you use it in your C# vsto workbook application ? –  Sangram Oct 31 '12 at 12:16

I used modification of this keyboard hook: Using global keyboard hook (WH_KEYBOARD_LL) in WPF / C#. to be able to have shortcuts for ribbon buttons.

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