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I'm writing a batch script that does a copy. I want to script it to copy an entire folder. When I want to copy a single file, I do this

copy %~dp0file.txt file.txt 

If I have a folder with this structure, is there a command to copy this entire folder with its contents all at once while preserving the exact structure.

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if you have xcopy, you can use the /E param, which will copy directories and subdirectories and the files within them, including maintaining the directory structure for empty directories

xcopy [source] [destination] /E
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I suspect that the xcopy command is the magic bullet you're looking for.

It can copy files, directories, and even entire drives while preserving the original directory hierarchy. There are also a handful of additional options available, compared to the basic copy command.

Check out the documentation here.

If your batch file only needs to run on Windows Vista or later, you can use robocopy instead, which is an even more powerful tool than xcopy, and is now built into the operating system. It's documentation is available here.

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