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Here is my query:

UPDATE Mst_Attendance 
  SET FNLogged=@FNLogged,
WHERE EmployeeId=@Employee_id AND Atdate = CONVERT(VARCHAR(10), @AtDate, 101) AS [MM/DD/YYYY]
-- Convert(Datetime,@AtDate) 

SELECT * FROM Mst_Attendance where Atdate=@AtDate and EmployeeId=@Employee_id

Error occured near AS

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AS in that context is used to give an alias to a column or table; there is no sense in an AS here, since that isn't a select.

You have already specified a format via CONVERT(VARCHAR(10), @AtDate, 101), but this also seems odd; dates are not strings. If you are matching on a datetime - keep everything as a datetime.

If you are actually trying to remove the time portion (leaving just a date), either a: don't send the time (cut it at the caller), or b: do something like:

set @date = cast(floor(cast(@date as float)) as datetime)
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Just remove the AS [MM/DD/YY] snippet. You don't need it, and it's not valid inside a WHERE clause.

And what in the world are you doing storing dates as strings in your database? That's just a bad idea. Are you trying to truncate the time portion?

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