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I have to create an open souce iPhone app. Can anyone please show some direction on how to proceed further? Are there any guidelines that are to be followed while creating open source project?

What are all the steps involved in creating an open source app for iPhone?

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Your app can be open source, but it can not be GPL, unless you intend to only distribute the application via source code and not the Apple App Store.

The App Store will not take any GPL licensed code because of the obligations it puts them (Apple) under.

I would suggest the looser licenses such as BSD or Apache 2.0 license, since they give no obligation to the distributor of the applications. MPL and CDDL should be fine as well.

Beyond that, regarding actual process of iPhone app development, you should head over the Apple Developer web site where all things iPhone are explained.

If you wish to deploy your applications to a device (iPod, iPhone, iPad), even for your own testing and development, you will need to become a registered developer with Apple, and that requires a fee, even for Open Source software.

You can develop against the provided simulator for free, but long term, the simulator is not a replacement for testing on an actual device.

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Picking nits, but this isn't quite correct. An iOS app can have its code be GPL-licensed while additionally granting a license to Apple in accordance with its TOS. The recent problems with GPL'd software on the App Store have been in cases where the submitter did not have the right to grant additional licenses — once you incorporate code from other contributors, unless they assign copyright over their code to you, you can no longer grant a separate license without their individual permission. I don't know if Apple will start removing/rejecting ALL apps with a hint of GPL — I hope not. –  Brock Batsell Feb 21 '11 at 6:22
Thanks Guys for the help...@Will: i am an registered iphone developer but the problem which i am facing right now is how to approch for creating open source app. Are there any specific guideline which are to be folled while creating open source apps? Which design pattren should be used? –  gurpreet Singh Feb 21 '11 at 7:01

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