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Are there sites which have free "WPF Application templates" such as has for HTML sites?

I'm looking for something that has a nice-looking layout, functional menu, etc. in XAML that you can build on.


Although themes are nice, I'm also looking for a layout, something like the layout I created with a silverlight dock panel here, but of course, done by someone much more experienced in design and XAML so that there is functionality of e.g. having a side panel move in and out on mouse over, full menu on top, accordion menu on the side. WPF makes these kinds of things so easy I would think that these kinds of free template/theme sites would be springing up by now.

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This one is not free but you can download free examples. It has a lot of really cool templates and fully functional objects

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I stumbled upon this and it looks really good and stable.

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