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Is anyone aware of WiFi Direct (a WiFi peer-to-peer variant) libraries or SDKs for Android?

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Wi-Fi Direct API is availible since API 14

The package is called android.net.wifi.p2p

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Currently any peer-to-peer networking is disabled in Android but hopefully support for WiFi Direct will be coming soon. As a result however there are no SDK's or API's available.

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Peer-to-peer networking is possible. It is ad-hoc networking that is disabled. Wi-Fi Direct is peer-to-peer, but not ad-hoc. It uses the 802.11 infrastructure mode. There is a feature request that has been pending forever to implement 802.11 ad-hoc mode, which would enable people to talk between devices with no soft AP. –  Cypress Frankenfeld Apr 23 '14 at 22:18

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