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I am making something very similar to the To-do list with jquery. There is one input form, and if user insert value, and press the add button, the value just gets added as the list element.


The thing is that I somehow have to store the list elements created by user (it can be 1 element, or up to 10 elements) by submitting as a form element. What would be the best way to manipulate the submission of list elements?

Should I create multiple hidden input form to store variables? Or should store all the variables in one hidden input form?

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It depends on if you're planning on posting the data or having jQuery submit a JSON string to your PHP.

If you're using JSON (which is what I would recommend) there's no need to get form elements involved. Just have jQuery select all the list items, gather their text content into an array and submit it as a JSON string.

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You can create a global array and store the values in. Here is an example:

  var items = [];

  // your rest of the code goes here...


Having scope issue?

Do you want to retrieve values with subsequent visits?

  • You can use cookies
  • If you want to use HTML5, you can use the Local Storage feature.
  • You may even consider something called NoSQL
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