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I have a rather starange problem. In my web application I use UTF_8 encoding. This works fine until I put a jsp page into my /Protected/ folder. The exact same jsp file works just fine uder my document root. To reach the /protected/ folder I use a Filter. Like this:

    public void doFilter(ServletRequest request, ServletResponse response,
                     FilterChain chain)
throws IOException, ServletException {

    HttpServletRequest req = (HttpServletRequest) request;
    HttpServletResponse res = (HttpServletResponse) response;
    HttpSession session = req.getSession();
    PrintWriter out = res.getWriter();
    if (session.getAttribute("user") == null){
        // redirect the user to the login page and give error message
    else {

    chain.doFilter(request, response);


In my sun-web.xml I have this specified:

<locale-charset-info default-locale="">
<parameter-encoding default-charset="UTF-8"/>

And In my jsp files I have this specified:

<%@taglib prefix="c" uri=""%>
<%@page contentType="text/html" pageEncoding="UTF-8"%>


Any help is much appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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Get rid of the following line in the filter.

PrintWriter out = res.getWriter();

You only don't need it in a filter at all, but also when the outputstream or writer of the response is been created for the first time, you cannot alter its character encoding afterwards anymore.

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Thanks for your help! It solved my problem. I just used Printwriter out = res.getWriter() for some testing, before the redirection and forgot to remove it. Thanks Again! – chickenloop Feb 21 '11 at 10:29

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