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I'm getting a memory leak when using the jQuery 1.8.9 UI tabs, and am a little baffled as to what might be causing it. The issue only seems to present in IE. I'm using IE8, (haven't tested in on 7 or 6). Firefox and Chrome are ok.

The tabs are initialised like so:

$("#tabContent").tabs({ cache: false, ajaxOptions: { cache: false} });
$("#tabContent").bind('tabsselect', tabSelected);
$("#tabContent").bind('tabsload', tabLoaded);

$("#tabContent").tabs("url", 0, "SomePage.aspx?id=1" + "&project=" + projectName);
$("#tabContent").tabs("url", 1, "SomePage.aspx?id=2" + "&project=" + projectName);
$("#tabContent").tabs("url", 2, "SomePage.aspx?id=3" + "&project=" + projectName);
$("#tabContent").tabs("url", 3, "SomePage.aspx?id=4" + "&project=" + projectName);

The page 'SomePage' has a list with a status column, which I need to check for update. I'm polling this every 5000 milliseconds (using this timeout plugin):

$.doTimeout('tabDisplay', 5000, function() {
    $("#tabContent").tabs("load", $("#tabContent").tabs('option', 'selected'));
    return true;

And sure, enough every 5 seconds the memory usage climbs (in direct proportion to the size of the list on that tab).

Any suggestions as to what might be causing this?

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I can't really help with this but I can tell you I've struggled quite a lot for the same issues The other day someone else had another problem with IE8 and jQuery . I don't think it is related to jQuery UI but I reckon has more to do with jQuery and IE8:


I had founds loads of people struggling for the same problems but no real solution.

PS: in all these situation there's a polling. It seems that jQuery doesn't dispose the resources. I am referring to jQuery 1.4.x

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Thanks lefty. In the end I updated to jQuery 1.5 and the issue disappeared. (1.4.4. didn't seem to solve the issue) –  James Wiseman Feb 21 '11 at 9:49
Great! I've never had the chance to update my app cause I've used another workaround.I am glad to know that the issue has been fixed ... finally. –  LeftyX Feb 21 '11 at 9:53

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