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hey guys, i have a datetime in string format and now i want to convert the same in datetime format, in the string i have following string.... (12.01.2011) format, now i want this format to be converted in datetime format because i want to store this in database which has a field whose datatype is datetime....

Please reply as soon as possible. Thanks and regards Abbas electricwala.

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possible duplicate of Convert string to DateTime in c# – Neil Knight Feb 21 '11 at 9:10
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Use DateTime.Parse and be aware of the regional settings. You can bypass regional settings by providing your own CultureInfo. I don't know which language you use, but my language (danish) support your date format ( Thus, I use the following syntax:

        string inputDate = "31.12.2001";
        CultureInfo cultureInfo =  new CultureInfo("da-DK");

        DateTime parsedDate = DateTime.Parse(inputDate, cultureInfo);

Alternatively, you can split the input string, and construct a new Date.

Regards, Morten

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See the DateTime.Parse function in msdn:

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As you have an exact dateformat you don't need to worry about regional settings:

DateTime.ParseExact(inputDate , "dd.MM.yyyy", null)

Or with error-checking:

DateTime value;
if (DateTime.TryParseExact(inputDate , "dd.MM.yyyy", null, 
    DateTimeStyles.None, out value))
   // use value
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