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When I run my project in Netbeans 6.8, it loves to open the index page automatically. It's annoying because I always keep a tab with the page I'm working on when I work, so I don't need this index page. It also makes my current page lose focus.

I have tried not specifying an index or my project URL, but then I can't run or save my project.

How can I prevent it from doing so?

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Basically, you want to reopen the same page (refresh it ?) in the browser ? You can set settings in the project properties > run configuration, then chaange the index file or project url. But apart from that I am afraid that you can't do anything to prevent opening a new window on run. When you click 'run', netbeans says to your OS : "Hey, let's open that page (your_project_URL/index_file) now". The OS thinks and execute a command like "default_browser url", where the argument "url" is here your_project_URL/index_file. Then the browser thinks it's a new page to open, and BAM, opens a new page.

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I always have the page I am working on (never index.php unless I'm working on it) so every single I run the project (once every minute I guess) I have to close the new tab... –  Jared Feb 21 '11 at 11:37
Instead of running the project, save all the pages (ctyrl+shift+S), and refresh your page ?! It's basically what you want, don't you? –  Cedric Feb 21 '11 at 12:16
When I run the project, it uploads all files to my webserver. When I save the project, it saves all files to my local disk. That's how I've set it up. I don't want to upload files when I save all, since I save every minute or so. –  Jared Feb 25 '11 at 8:16
Right click on your project : project proertied > Run configuration > Advanced > Do not open web browser Does it upload your file, save everything, without opening your browser ? –  Cedric Feb 25 '11 at 10:37
@Cedric is there any idea how we can do that in netbeans 8? I follow your solution but I cant find what you said. –  Kick Buttowski May 25 at 19:07

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