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I have inside my jgrid a column which is of type float , I want to mask the column cells when ever the user enters the cell. for exmple , the mask should be 99999.99 (when 9 = any number between 0-9). i want max 5 digits to the left of the point and max of 2 digits to the right of the point - and that it will be posible to enter less then the max.

How can I mask this column to be a decimal number?

Thank's In Advance.

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something like

formatter: 'number', formatoptions: { decimalPlaces: 2 }

this is from the wiki docs or if those predefined ones don't work you can create a custom formatter

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the formatter is not good for me. i found this: $(elem).addClass('auto').autoNumeric({aSep: ''});$(elem).autoNumeric({aSep: '',mNum: 5,mDec: 2}); inside dataInit , and it's works like i want.thank's. – user590586 Feb 27 '11 at 14:48

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