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In my PreferenceCategory the textview does not change its height when the text becomes too long. It just breaks the line and looks weird, as the size is not changed... I have also tried ellipsizing, but without success... is there a way to get a preferencecategory-view to change its size or if not to ellipsize its content?

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I just found it out myself how to get this TextView to ellipsize its content. Here's my solution:

Create a Custom PreferenceCategory and override onBindView(View view), the view-objects holds your TextView that you can get to ellipsize then...

public class CustomPreferenceCategory extends PreferenceCategory {

public CustomPreferenceCategory(Context context, AttributeSet attrs) {
    super(context, attrs);

protected void onBindView(View view) {
    if(view instanceof TextView){
        TextView tv = (TextView)view;


and reference it in your xml-preference layout like that:

< android:key="KEY_ABC" />

thats all :-)

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