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What's the best caching system/daemon that supports get, put, delete and list (memcached, I think, doesn't support list)

An example

I would like to use memcached for my caching solution but I'm stuck with the application design that I currently have which is that I cache the following 3 URLs I need to always have different cache keys. That stops me from just declaring a list of URL params with which I could generate a cache item for.

  • /badappdesign?iod=3
  • /badappdesign?iod=3&h=23
  • /badappdesign?iod=3&dsfj=435&dasv=342

In this instance iod=3 has changed so I need to clear all the keys that contain iod=3

I currently cache to a db and have to do a fairly expensive like '%iod=3%'

what can help?

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Pull the '3' out of iod=3 and stick that into an integer column and index on that? That will be drastically less expensive.

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Thanks Jay. I should have been more clear that we can't determine all of the key value pairs. Effectively we need to be able to cache on the full string. –  Stewart Robinson Feb 4 '09 at 8:18

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