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I have a class that extends JButton because the custom look and feel I'm using ignores the isOpaque() call. What I mean is, the background of the button is rendered even though I have called setOpaque (false) on it and all parent panels. I have confirmed that this is an issue with the LAF from the companies design people so there is nothing I can do but extend the class. So my question is, how can I implement the paint() method to not render the background and just the button icon? Cheers

SOLVED: The answer I was after in case anyone is interested was to use button.setContentAreaFilled(false);

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Painting is done by three methods: paintComponent, paintBorder, and paintChildren. They're called in that order and it's the first that paints the component's background. If you overload that one and leave the other two, you should be fine.

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I have tried overriding the paintComponent(final Graphics g) call which then led me to extend the ComponentUI class to override the update(final Graphics g, final JComponent c) method. From here, I am able to prevent a background color being drawn, I am unable however to get the original icon to draw by calling c.repaint(); Could you perhaps advise on a solution/course of action? –  Chris Robinson Feb 21 '11 at 11:44

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