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I'd like to grab only certain comments for a post: those that have a published boolean set TRUE.

Right now, I simply call a @post.comments.all on the Post show action.

Creating a method (published_comments) in the Post.rb model feels ugly to me; I have the feeling such code belongs in the Comment.rb model. But then I am not sure how to call if from within a Post object.

Moreover, I really like the options that belongs_to offers me, such as the counter_cache or eager loading.

How should I solve this?

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There's a whole bunch of ways to deal with this kind of thing. One option is to define it as a condition in the has_many association in the Post model, but it sounds like you don't like this approach:

class Post
  has_many :comments, :conditions => { :published => true }

Another option is to set the default_scope in the Comment model:

class Comment
  default_scope where(:published => true)

Or, you could create a scope in comment and call @post.comments.published.all:

class Comment
  scope :published, where(:published => true)
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The default_scope is exactly what I needed here. Thanks. –  berkes Feb 21 '11 at 11:59
Weird, though. default_scope where(:published => true) results in a strange query; seems like the sqlite connector interpretes the boolean wrong: ... WHERE ("comments"."published" = 't') ... –  berkes Feb 21 '11 at 12:17

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