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What is the definition of what is output at the different levels of MSBuild build output verbosity?

  • Quiet
  • Minimal
  • Normal
  • Detailed
  • Diagnostic
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I don't think this can be universally answered; it will depend on the implementation of each individual task, and what kind of information they choose to emit. – Fredrik Mörk Feb 21 '11 at 11:36
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There exists the same question on social.msdn:

Quiet: only shows the result of your build.
Minimal: shows some configurations of your msbuild, and the CSC task.
Normal: This will show all the targets and its mainly steps.
Details: In addition to normal, this flag shows the task and it's implementation within the each target.
Diagnostic: Contains all the information that a MSBuild need and produce, it's switches, parameteres, prerequisites and etc. The input parameter of the target and task, and also contains the value of the input and output parameter, the detail steps of the task execution. The time execution for each task.

See how default logger uses verbosity here.

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The enum values have changed a bit now with v4.5. Detailed information at -

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