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I have taken responsibility of a VB6 app.

I installed the VB6 IDE on one of my older machines. When I compile the app and copy the .exe to client machines, the Rich Textbox control breaks the app and causes a run-time error.

How important is it what machine you compile an app on? Is it possible that the app is expecting a control with a different ID and therefore there is a run-time error?

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You need to deploy the Rich Textbox control richtx32.ocx to the client machines. These tables show it is not part of Windows, you need to deploy it yourself.

  • You might want to create an install for your program.
  • You could look into using a manifest so that you can just copy your program and its dependencies (like richtx32.ocx).
  • You could just manually copy the OCX file and use regsvr32 to register the OCX. This will quickly become unmanageable if you have more dependencies or many machines to deploy onto.
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Don't just copy these sorts of libraries and manually register them. Part of shared component library registration involves updating a usage count that uninstall processes look at to determine whether something else still needs the library. Either use isolation or else create a proper installation package. –  Bob77 Feb 21 '11 at 16:34

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