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Is there such a thing as a DOT bundle for TextMate?

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Yes there is.

It's called graphviz, and you can find it either in the official TM repo or in the un-official TM github repo. Both are available to install/update via the GetBundles GUI.

Like other TM Bundles, if you have this Bundle installed and you open a file with a .dot extension, then TM will open it in that scope.

It's a lean package, but it does everything i want, which is syntax highlighting for dot files and i can generate graphs with cmd-R.

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Note that if you installed dot/graphviz via macports, you'll need to tell textmate where to find the binary for dot. – Dana the Sane Apr 24 '12 at 2:54

If you're looking for additional integration of dot in OSX you might want to try the QuickLook Plugin I created. This allows you to use QuickLook and Preview in a Finder window:


Please make sure that the dot command is globally available. Refer to the Readme for more information.

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On my Mac, I followed the installation instructions as mentioned by you. But the problem is I have MS-WORD installed too, which 'intercepts' the SPACE-bar instruction I choose on any .dot file, and simply proceeds to display the contents of the .dot file, instead of the preview I wanted. Any suggestions for this please? – fritz Feb 8 '13 at 13:40

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