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Table structure is like this -

id Name Manager 1 aa NULL 2 hh 1 3 YY 4 4 Kk NULL 5 PP 4

So I want the result like-

Name Manager aa NULL hh aa Kk NULL YY Kk PP Kk

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SELECT AS employee, AS manager FROM employees AS a JOIN employees AS b ON a.manager_id =

This would work , will give you employee and its manager

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Try this:

SELECT, FROM table AS a RIGHT JOIN table AS b ON a.manager =
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I have tried this but I want to show manager first then their employee then second manager & then their employee. –  Yogini Feb 3 '09 at 10:23

UNTESTED Try this:

SELECT Name FROM table ORDER BY IFNULL(Manager,id), IFNULL(Manager,0), Name

I think this would get you all the managers grouped together, with the managers being in front of their employees who should be sorted by name. Unfortunately I can't get to a MySQL server instance at the moment to test.

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