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When i open the following page on the mobile safari browser https://portal.velti.com, it pops-up an alert requesting login information.

This does not happen when i open this URL from a UIWebView. It just displays blank.

What's the problem, and how can it be corrected?

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At this point, I think I'll recommend getting the user to authenticate before you show the UIWebView.

Show two UITextFields and then load your UIWebView something like this:

NSString *URLString = [[NSString stringWithFormat:@"%@:%@@https://portal.velti.com", 
stringByAddingPercentEscapesUsingEncoding:NSUTF8Encoding]; NSURL *URL = [NSURL URLWithString:URLString]; NSURLRequest *req = [NSURLRequest requestWithURL:URL]; [webView loadRequest:req];

You can also run that NSURLRequest before you get to the webView part and double check that the user's credentials are right. If you get a 401 code from the server after submitting the username & password the credentials are incorrect.

Good luck,

Aurum Aquila

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