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Is there any API for QQ services (www.qq.com)? Or any developer program? Is there any way to integrate their services in third party apps? I am interested in their microblog, photo album and status services. I translated and searched but couldn't dig far enough. Any idea?

Thanks in advance.

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It seems all the info is at http://open.qq.com, which will lead you to pages like http://open.t.qq.com/apps_welcome.php (for microblogging), http://opensns.qq.com/share/ (for sharing), etc.

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Tencent (aka Tencent QQ) has a popular application called "wechat".

They have an ios api you can use here: http://dev.wechatapp.com/document/sdk-en/ios/protocol_w_x_api_delegate-p.html

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