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I have a separate C# program which sends data to any IP-Address I specify in it. The data is encoded in a way that I can decode it again (UTF-8) and sent through an UDPClient. I've set up this program to send the data to a port on my machine which I forward to the Android Emulator. In my application I have a DatagramSocket set on this port, but my receive call doesn't return any data to me...

I know for sure that data is sent, when I debug the C# program on the send statement, I see it actually sends data away... I suspect it is something in my Socket settings, but I don't know what...

private void updateUDPSocket(String IpAddress, String IpPort){
    Inet4Address ownIpAddress = null;
    int ownIpPort = 0;

     *  Try to recover the correct Inet4Address & Port.
     *  Catch all possible exceptions as well.
        ownIpAddress = (Inet4Address) Inet4Address.getByName(IpAddress);
        ownIpPort = Integer.parseInt(IpPort);
    } catch (UnknownHostException uhe){
    } catch (NumberFormatException nfe){

    // Check to see if the current socket is already initialised.
    if(mUDPSocket != null){
        // If so, close & nullify it.
        mUDPSocket = null;

    // Create a new socket & catch the possible exception.
        mUDPSocket = new DatagramSocket(ownIpPort, ownIpAddress);
    } catch (SocketException se){

    // Log current set address & port.
    Log.d(TAG, "UDPSocket set to address:" +
        mUDPSocket.getLocalAddress() + ":" + mUDPSocket.getLocalPort());

The IP-Address I pass here is either (in case of the emulator) or the IP-Address recovered from the WifiManager (in case of a mobile device). It doesn't fail in setting the Socket, but per haps I am using the wrong address?

The only output I get from the receive method is the error message of the receive getting timed out...

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I know now that there is nothing wrong, I've tested this on a real device now, and it will receive data on the Socket...

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