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I have multiple rows and columns of data. But iPhone UITableView contains only single column and multiple rows. How do I display my multi column data following Apple's Human Interface Guidelines? Any ideas?

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Someone else is hosting that page now: usxue.is-programmer.com/posts/14176.html –  Mortoc Jul 25 '10 at 4:21
You asked specifically about UITableView, but consider using a UIWebView with an HTML table, which might make things easy. –  Kristopher Johnson Mar 9 '12 at 16:27

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You probably need to build it by your own, or use a library, like UIGridView. (I'm the creator)

You can learn the source code of UIGridView. It's really short.

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For those interested, I just updated MDSpreadView to be much faster, and it supports practically an unlimited number of rows and columns (up until CGFloat stops being accurate to the pixel) with an API very similar to UITableView. More info on my site

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If you are looking for something that looks like an Excel spreadsheet then I would recommend the MDSpreadview class. The source is available at http://mochidev.com/open. It looks pretty slick but bogs down if you have a lot of data to display.

Other than that, you should probably just create your own UITableViewCell. It's pretty easy with the new Storyboards of iOS5 and you can handle millions of cells of data.

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