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public class RateCode implements java.io.Serializable {

     private org.joda.time.DateTime travelTo;
     private org.joda.time.DateTime bookingFrom;


Query q = session.createQuery(
                "from RateCode rr where rr.id.date>=:from and rr.id.date<=:to order by rr.id.date").setDate("from", from).setDate("to", to);

But setDate/setTimeStamp Require util.Date.

ERROR: java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: TIMESTAMP
        at org.joda.time.contrib.hibernate.PersistentDateTime.nullSafeSet(PersistentDateTime.java:83)

so how to set in createQuery criteria.

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You can use custom user types created for joda-time. You can download it here

Persisting Joda DateTime instead of Java Date in hibernate

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Please take a look at my project, http://usertype.sourceforge.net/ which will let you map Joda Time to Hibernate.

Thanks Chris

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