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i am creating one pdf output using iText 5.0.5.
I am reading the data in the form of bytes from database and then adding it to the document using HTMLWorker to generate pdf.
BUt i am not able to add header on each paage for that pdf document.
please help.

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1) The latest iText is 5.0.6.

2) To create a page header and footer, you need to use the PdfPageEvent interface. This is generally done by deriving from PdfPageEventHelper, and overriding just the methods you need.

In the PdfPageEvent, you must draw to the PDF using a PdfContentByte. The good news is that you can use a ColumnText to add aligned text into a given bounding box, and it'll handle line breaks for you.

public class HeaderFooterPageEvent extends PdfPageEventHelper {
  private String headerStr, footerStr;
  private Rectangle hBox, fBox;
  public HeaderFooterPageEvent(String hStr, Rectangle _hBox, String fString, Rectangle _fBox) {
    headerStr = hStr;
    hBox = _hBox;
    footerStr = fStr;
    fBox = _fBox;

  public onEndPage(PdfWriter writer, Document doc) {
    // draw the header text.
      Element.ALIGN_RIGHT, headerStr, hBox.getRight(), hBox.getTop, 0);

    // draw the footer text.
      Element.ALIGN_RIGHT, footerStr, fBox.getRight(), fBox.getTop, 0);

This won't work so well if your header & footer are in HTML. For that you'll have to do some round-about hackery.

1) Create a new Document/PdfWriter with page margins matching the size (height & width) of your header.
2) Render all the header HTML into that page.
3) save the pdf.
4) Import that PDF page into your other document, and draw it thusly:

public onEndPage(PdfWriter writer, Document doc) {
  PdfReader reader = new PdfReader(headerPDFPath);
  PdfImportedPage headerPageImport = writer.getImportedPage(reader, 1); // 1 -> first page
  PdfContentByte cb = writer.getDirectContent();
  cb.addTemplate(headerPageImport, hBox.bottom(), hBox.left());
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