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i got the url from user by encodeURIComponent() in javascript. the url goes something like


how i can decode them

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HttpUtility.UrlDecode() is the way to go. You find the documentation here:

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+1 for the only suggestion using the actual type name so the OP can find it - the others assuming ASP.NET is fine, but also assuming he the OP must be within the context of a control exposing Server is a bit too far. – Grant Thomas Feb 21 '11 at 13:24

You could use the Server.UrlDecode() method.

From the docs:

String DecodedString = Server.UrlDecode(EncodedString);
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Server.URLDecode( ). I'm assuming you're talking about here - you didn't say.

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ASP.Net right?

string Url = Server.UrlDecode("");
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You can use the following method to decode URLs:

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