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What is the Regular Expression to find the strings starting with [ and ending with ]. Between [ and] all kind of character are fine.

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Are you trying to find these strings inside a larger body of text? If so, can brackets be nested? – Tim Pietzcker Feb 21 '11 at 13:34
Yes, I am trying to find the strings in a larger body. But I am not expecting nested brackets. – KBBWrite Feb 23 '11 at 9:15
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[ and ] are special characters in regular expressions, so you need to escape them. This should work for you:


.*? does non-greedy matching of any character. The non-greedy aspect assures that you will match [abc] instead of [abc]def]. Add a leading ^ and trailing $ if you want to match the entire string, e.g. no match at all in abc[def]ghi.

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Thanks, This worked for me. – KBBWrite Feb 21 '11 at 13:34

will match a string that starts with [ and ends with ]. In C#:

foundMatch = Regex.IsMatch(subjectString, @"^\[.*\]$");

If you're looking for bracket-delimited strings inside longer strings (e. g. find [bar] within foo [bar] baz), then use


In C#:

MatchCollection allMatchResults = null;
Regex regexObj = new Regex(@"\[[^[\]]*\]");
allMatchResults = regexObj.Matches(subjectString);


\[        # match a literal [
 [^[\]]*  # match zero or more characters except [ or ]
\]        # match a literal ]
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I'm not sure whether yours or thecoop's answer is the best, but I assume yours because the OP never mentioned that there should be ANY characters between the [ and ], and therefore your * is a better match than thecoop's +. – Bazzz Feb 21 '11 at 13:33

This should work:


^ is 'start of string'
\[ is an escaped [, because [ is a control character
.+ matches all strings of length >= 1 (. is 'any character', + means 'match previous pattern one or more times')
\] is an escaped ]
$ is 'end of string'

If you want to match [] as well, change the + to a * ('match zero or more times')

Then use the Regex class to match:

bool match = Regex.IsMatch(input, "^\[.+\]$");

or, if you're using this several times or in a loop, create a Regex instance for better performance:

private static readonly Regex s_MyRegexPatternThingy = new Regex("^\[.+\]$");

bool match = s_MyRegexPatternThingy.IsMatch(input);
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The worked expression is [.*?], however your description is helpful too – KBBWrite Feb 21 '11 at 13:34

You need to use escape character \ for brackets.
Use .+ if you like to have at least 1 character between the brackets or .* if you accept this string: [].

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