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How do I override the theme_table() function of the Drupal core in my theme? I just wrote another function named theme_table() in my template.php file, but the default theme_table() is still in effect.

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It sounds like your template.php file isn't being read, because having two functions with the same name should trigger an error. Try renaming your theme_table() function to THEMENAME_table() (where THEMENAME is the name of your theme) or to phptemplate_table().

If that still doesn't work, try clearing your theme cache.

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Thanks, renaming the function to THEMENAME_table() worked. It actually showed an error when I first (before asking the question) added a function named theme_table() in my template.php. Then I renamed the function to THEMENAME_theme_table() which solved the ERROR, but didn't have any effect. Now I renamed the function to THEMENAME_table() and it works as it should. Thanks :) – Sparky Feb 22 '11 at 3:56

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