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I have an existing route that I want to add logging to, currently it passes its object round as an exchange string. In certain java methods that are called from the route it converts it to a model using JAXB then does its work and converts it back.

Now im wanting to have a one way route, where I can basically jump in at a certain point and pass the model to a method to log it to the database. I'm currently using a Wiretap, but am a bit puzzled as to how I can unmarshal the object from a string to its actual model type then pass it in, then let the route continue as normal.

Currently the camel site is down so im just seeing if its a simple thing here...

It looks like I want to use , but will this only unmarshal it to an object for the next call (i.e the wiretap), as I want to leave everything else untouched, as if the logging never existed...

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Maybe a simple camel route can explain what your want? Now I'm not sure what you want to do with the unmarshaled object.

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