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Im using a J2ee application with spring framework 2.0 on a apache tomcat 5.5.

I have used URL mapping to change the extension from .jsp to .htm. I have an URL which looks like this localhost:8080/promotion.htm?cid=12345.

I want to change it to localhost:8080/12345

Can someone please help me out in writing a rule which will perform the required rewrite in urlrewrite.xml using tuckey URL rewrite filter

This is what I have mentioned in web.xml

<filter-class>org.tuckey.web.filters.urlrewrite.UrlRewrite Filter</filter-class> </filter>

All I need is the URL to change to http://localhost:8080/12345. I do not want any redirection to happen. All I need is a clean URL so that the URL looks neat. I have tried quite a lot of rules myself but to no success.

How can this be done?

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After a long time with no replies/comments I achieved this myself with the following rule in the urlrewrite.xml

    <to >/promotion.htm?cid=$1</to>
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