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I am taking up a rails application that has a MySQL database. It is a web application that has an international audience. After few days of work, I noticed that all the tables and the database itself has latin1_sweedish_ci as collation. Later, in text fields, I discovered mumble jumble like this:

It’s educational and

Obviously it is due to the wrong character set. If it were UTF-8, this would have not happen. But as this has happened, can we recover/transform this corrupted data to utf?

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You could try to mysqldump the DB, pass the dump through iconv, then reload.

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You could also try to convert all the columns to binary and then to UTF-8. See mysqlperformanceblog.com and dev.mysql.com for more information.

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you can also try this... first take back up of your database... Then make one script which will fetch records one by one and perfom utf8_decode and then store it again in database... but before that change charchter set to utf8...

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