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I'm trying to come up with an easy solution for creating multipart emails with ActionMailer to make life easier when writing HTML emails and also to make it easy to have a plain-text alternative. Basically, what I would like to have in an ideal world is a simple Markdown with Ruby file to render to a string and use as-is for the plain text mailer and run it through rdiscount or similar for the HTML part.

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And what does prevent you to do that? Are you experiencing any error? –  Simone Carletti Feb 21 '11 at 16:07

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This is covered quite precisely in Crafting Rails Applications by José Valim. See section 4.2. If I might say, a great idea to use a more agnostic format than HTML for this specific purpose, especially due to the limited nature of HTML email.

My only issue with this section is that it uses a format of .merb to render markdown with embedded ruby, rather than .md.erb.

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If you want to use José's approach he's released it as a separate gem. I just tried it with Rails 3.2.6 and it worked first time.


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