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I have started an Apache2 licensed project. There is one class I want to copy from a LGPL project which is around 80 lines of code. The worst part is that I might even want to add one extra function to that class...

so the big question is: How should I do it? It seems that I cannot just copy the implementation with the LGPL license

Apart from that, I would appreciate references to articles explaining how to deal with situations like mine, that is, mixing code from different licenses. How should I specify the mix of licenses? Could I have avoid this problem using the MPL license?

I want to reuse snipsets of my personal code at work, so switching my project to LGPL is not an option. So far I assume that with the Apache 2 License I can copy fragments of code into projects I work within a future.

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You could interpret the LGPL class as a derivative work from the LGPL product, and distribute this separately from the rest of your source. The whole point of LGPL is that it doesn't infect the license of the program which uses the library, so this should not be a problem. Just keep your code and this one class in seperate directories or something, to prevent confusion.

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