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I'm working on NetBeans, and want to 'auto-generate' a report with JasperReports.

Here is the deal: I want to create a form that asks for a date frame in order to do a sql query and bring that information; then format it and generate a PDF report out of it.

I see that JasperReports uses the jrxml files compiled to .jasper in order to generate the reports. I want to know if that jrxml could be auto-generated by some code of the API, or it would be needed to edit the jrxml file 'programatically' to auto-generate the report.

Thanks, gadget00

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Take a look at DynamicJasper. It allows you to programmatically create reports without a jrxml file.

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The JasperReports API provides facilities for creating reports through custom Java code. You can also create and save JRXML files, if required.

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