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I have a problem when using qsort。

qsort(ArrayToSort, size_a, size_b, FunctionPointer);

If FunctionPointer is declared as int (* FunctionPointer)(); then it's fine.

If FunctionPointer is declared as FunctionPointer = @selector(MyMethod); then I have run time error of BAD_ACCESS。

Here MyMethod is my own class method,

int MyMethod(const void *,const void *);

Please advise me. Thanks a lot!

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Don't use a class method for a comparison. Just declare a regular C function and pass that.

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The problem is that you're trying to mix C code with Obj-C code. @selector(someMethod:) returns a SEL which is neither a C function nor an Obj-C method. What you'll want to do is either follow @yan's suggestion and use a C function for you comparison or (my suggestion), don't bother using qsort at all, just use the NSArray methods to do your sorting.

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