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I have product with a foreign collection_id key

I want to pass an id to a controller. To do so i have the following routes for my controller :

controller :magasin do

  get "magasin" => "magasin#index"

The only view in my controller is magasin/index.html.erb

The link to magasin is link_to collection.nom, magasin_path(collection)

This kind of syntax usually works in controllers with models. Here my link is : http://localhost:3000/magasin.2 instead of http://localhost:3000/magasin/2

Later on i will need to call the same view with product_kind_id instead of collection_id and i will add sort by name/price ....

How can i have the ID as a normal argument (/:id)instead of a type(.id)?

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A popular URL schema to follow is RESTful routing. Rails has this built-in and will set it up for you if you initialize your resource via rails generate scaffold Magasin nom:string.

If you put resources :magasins in your routing file, it will route /magasins to MagasinsController#index and /magasins/1 to MagasinsController#show with params[:id] set to "1". It will also set up a few other routes that will be useful in the future but for now will just raise an action not found exception.

You don't want to use the dot as an argument delimiter, since Rails places what comes after the dot in the request.format method or just in params[:format] (ordinarily accessed through the respond_to method that comes with the generated scaffolds). Save that dot for later when you are working on delivering alternative display formats like XML and JSON.

I realize I've said a lot in a small space, so feel free to ask any follow up questions once you've consulted the Rails Guide on the issue, and I'll be very glad to help!

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My RESTful routes for product are already used for the back-office, now i want to display the products by collection or by type. collection and type also have there default RESTful routes taken by back office. I want a view (and the links to access it) displaying the products belonging to a collection or a type. I created a controller (generate scaffold controller magasin index) to display that. Whant i need is to do a link passing the parameters so that i can in a display the collection name and the products belonging to this collection. –  Syl Feb 21 '11 at 21:11
I'm not quite sure what your resource association structure is like, but when filtering a list of a resource based on properties of associated resource, your canonical options are to append a query string or to use nested routes. To view all products belonging to collection 1, you'd visit GET /products?collection_id=1 or GET /collections/1/product, putting the handler for params[:collection_id] in your ProductsController#index. –  Steven Xu Feb 21 '11 at 21:55
how do i create a /products?collection_id=1 link ? –  Syl Feb 21 '11 at 22:16
By Rails default, GET /products?A=B&C=D will route to exactly what GET /products routes to. What comes after the ? is something called a query string, which Rails then parses into the params object/method as I mentioned above. –  Steven Xu Feb 21 '11 at 23:57
but how do i write the link_to? –  Syl Feb 22 '11 at 0:00

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