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I'm using cocos2d and box2d.(iPhone SDK) If I want to import box2d I add this to the top of the file #import "Box2D.h" and then I rename my class to ".mm". Now I have just a class without a ".m" file just a ".h" file.

It looks like that and if I import box2d it gives me many errors because box2d is c++ and normally i need to change it to ".mm" but i cant.

#import "Box2D.h"

// Defines individual types of messages that can be sent over the network. One type per packet.
typedef enum
    kPacketTypeTime = 1,
    kPacketTypePosition = 2,
    kPacketTypeStartSignal = 3,
} EPacketTypes;

// Note: EPacketType type; must always be the first entry of every Packet struct
// The receiver will first assume the received data to be of type SBasePacket, so it can identify the actual packet by type.
typedef struct
    EPacketTypes type;
} SBasePacket;

// the packet for transmitting a score variable
typedef struct
    EPacketTypes type;

    float time;
} STimePacket;

// packet to transmit a position
typedef struct
    EPacketTypes type;

    b2Vec2 position; //*******************************important**
    float rotation;

} SPositionPacket;

// packet to transmit a start signal
typedef struct
    EPacketTypes type;

    BOOL startGame;

} SStartSignalPacket;

Why I want to do this? Look at the "**important" in my code. I want to use b2Vec2.

Thank you very much for reading. Have a nice day :)

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Try to rename header to .hh, cause compiler still treats it as Objective C

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at my important line i get this error : "Expected specifier qualifier list before "b2Vec". It still gives me 300+ errors. I had that problem in other classes too and a rename from .m to .mm solved the problem but here the .hh doesn't solves it. Should I mayby use #include –  cocos2dbeginner Feb 21 '11 at 18:14
The easiest way then would be going yo project settings and there set 'Compile Sources As' to Objective-C++ –  Max Feb 21 '11 at 18:16
sry my mistake. i missed something. your solution worked. thanks –  cocos2dbeginner Feb 21 '11 at 18:34

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