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  var criteria = MakeCriteriaForFindAllStudents(exportCriteria)
    .AddOrder<Entities.Student>(x => x.LastName, Order.Asc)
                    .AddOrder<Entities.Student>(x => x.FirstName, Order.Asc);

    criteria.SetFetchMode("Addresses", FetchMode.Join)
                        .SetFetchMode("CR", FetchMode.Join)
                        .SetFetchMode("SEC", FetchMode.Join)
                        .SetFetchMode("Dep", FetchMode.Join)
                        .SetFetchMode("WR", FetchMode.Join)
                        .SetResultTransformer(new DistinctRootEntityResultTransformer());

    var results = criteria

The AddOrder seems not to work in certain conditions.

The Student fluent mapping has the following relation to WR.

HasMany(x => x.WR)
                .OrderBy("CreatedDate desc")

So when SetFetchMode on WR is called, the OrderBy part of the mapping supercedes the AddOrder specified in the code.

sample of the sql code..

ORDER BY wr6_.CreatedDate desc, this_.LNametxt asc, this_.FNameTxt asc;

How to override the mapping defined and ensure that WR CreatedDate is removed from OrderBy is removed from Criteria ?

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take a look at the generated sql. Maybe the order is included somewhere in the query (i.e. in a subquery) and does just not have any effect on the result set. Depends on how MakeCriteriaForFindAllStudents() builds the ICriteria.

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looking at the sql gen helped me. –  Srikanth Remani Feb 21 '11 at 22:33
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Looks like it is know bug in NHibernate, here is the link


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