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I use Eclipse for Java, Python, C(++) and so on. I'm accustomed to Vim and the dark color schemes. The default white background just hurts my eyes. And that's a real problem. It doesn't seem Eclipse supports any schemes? I tried a Plugin but it doesn't seem to work for MacOS and Eclipse 3.3.2.

Is there any better option for some color support?

Thanks, wishi

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Please check Fonts and colors in Eclipse for customization of Eclipse.

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There are some dark color themes available in the Eclipse Color Theme plugin:


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Note: Eclipse Luna (4.4, to be released in June 2014) just introduced (May 2014) a default syntax coloring for dark theme when using the Koneki project: see bug 433607, by Simon Bernard:


That illustrates how you can define your own syntax coloring theme and how you can register an extension to the dark theme for recent (4.x) Eclipse.

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The colour fonts for Python development is a bit off with Dark Luna. –  Houman Jun 27 '14 at 10:00

Go to "Preferences" under the "Window" menu.

In the dialog that pops up, select General, then Appearance, then Colors and Fonts

Correction: for editor foreground / background colors, you need to go to the preferences dialog, then select Editors, then Text Editors

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