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I have a requirement which is to allow users to buy a domain through my site and then programatically set them up with email accounts at that domain, eg user1@domain.com user2@domain.com, etc.

To integrate the buying of the domain I'm planning on using a domain reseller like this.

The next step - of creating the email accounts - is where I'm floundering currently. I'm assuming I can programatically set the domain name to point where ever I need for the email pointers, but not sure how to programatically setup the email client on the other end. I don't care so much what the email client is - gmail, etc. Ideally I'd be able to brand it a bit, but it's not absolutely required.

Hoping someone has experience with this. Thanks in advance.

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first you need to choose a mail server for your system. Then you get the SDK of this server and create with the provided interfaces users from your user interface.

For example, a basic free mail server is MailEnable that plesk also use for the same reason.

on this page you can get the sdk of the MailEnable mail server


and there you can find the api to control it from your asp.net pages.

Hope this helps you to start.

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Thanks, I'd considered going that route with a similar product, but I'm aiming for a 3rd party service I could just tie into with an API, rather than having to host and implement it all myself. Any ideas? –  andrew Feb 22 '11 at 19:06
@andrew I think is the same way, this api, have an sdk, an way to call it. –  Aristos Feb 23 '11 at 19:05

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