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I'm using DebugDiag for the first time, and I'm using it on Windows 7 x64. I've created a crash rule for (x86) myprogram.exe, which is guaranteed to crash because I've coded it intentionally to crash with an "unknown exception (0xc0000417)".

I have windows "startup and recovery" configured to capture mini-dumps. It works. I've adjusted registry entries to capture custom mini-dumps. It works. Yes, I'm getting two different dump files as a consequence. It's ok by me.

But if I understand correctly, DebugDiag should simply "jump to life" when the crash rule is triggered, but instead DebugDiag does nothing when the crash happens. DebugDiag only provides analysis if I explicitly load a dmp file manually into it. What do I need to do to make the rule auto-trigger?

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I assume you are using version 1.1 of DebugDiag.

I'm afraid it is not fully functional on Windows 7. In version 1.1, the analysis-only version is installed and leak-tracking and dump generation does not work.

If you plan to generate dumps on application crash, you can use ProcDump from SysInternals with -e -ma flags.

DebugDiag 1.2 is available since july. You can download the packages from this page.

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