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im trying to get this so that it rotates through LI's, and will fadein the SPAN within that LI after and before the next slide.

heres my code:

        var current = ($('.slider ul li.current'));
    var currentspan = ($('.slider ul li.current span'));
    var next = ( ? : $('.slider ul li:first');
    var nextspan = ('span').length) ?'span') : $('.slider ul li:first span');

The problem is my nextspan variable has to be wrong. All i want to do is grab the SPAN inside the NEXT LI. as you can see the next variable gets set fine - so how do i get the span inside that next variable?

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What's your markup look like? Can you post a sample? – David Hoerster Feb 21 '11 at 20:06
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next() only gets the next sibling. So as the span is a child of the next li you'll have to do something like this:'span')
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