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I'm trying to mimic Photos app email photo animation on the iPhone. If you're not familiar with it, here's a description:

1) Touch on a photo in the Photos app
2) Touch the arrow key in the bottom left corner
3) Touch "Email Photo"
4) The controls fade to black, the image is then animated to a smaller sized image and floats on top of the view
5) Then an email view slides in from the bottom and the image is placed in the email view.

What I'm trying to do is the following:
1) Allow a user to take a picture using UIImagePickerController
2) Preview it using the default Preview functionality
3) Then when the user clicks on "Use" in the Preview, fade the Preview controls to black and animate to a smaller sized image
4) Push a new view using pushViewController:animated and animate the photo into the new view.

Sorry for the long-winded explanation, I'm stumped on this problem. I've tried several times using this method: Fade to black within a uinavigationcontroller?

But that doesn't support the image animation stuff I mentioned and pushing the new view in an animated fashion doesn't work either.

Thanks for any help you can provide, Johnny

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