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I am a bit confused, Tornado is web server like a apache http server, or a framework like django, or both?


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Tornado is a server and framework if you want to make some apps with it.

I use Tornado to serve my django apps, with help of nginx (load balancer to run more than 1 Tornado instance) and supervisor to make those tornados live if my apps fail.

I use WebFaction and the performance of my apps got better with Tornado instead of serving them with apache.

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Tornado is both a non-blocking web server and a lightweight web framework.

It can act as web server to other web frameworks such as Django through the use of tornado.wsgi, but also possesses a core web framework with functionality such as templating (tornado.template), SQL database integration (tornado.database), and OpenID authorization (tornado.auth). Many developers use it for its superior performance as a non-blocking web server in conjunction with other wsgi capable frameworks, but it's much more than just a web server.

Tornado Documentation

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Tornado is asynchronous (+ single threaded) and event-driven. Apache http and django are not.

The "Django vs Tornado" is an ongoing flame war

IMHO I would start with Tornado (or Deft if you like the JVM).

Disclaimer: I'm a Deft committer.

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Looks like the Deft link is dead. – Joseph Tura May 21 '12 at 12:25

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