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Javahelp is the Java based help system that can easily be integrated in a Java application. The documentation does not give any information about it. On the web, many people state that it is not possible, that the help browser always uses a built-in font. I am not convinced that it is not possible.

The help system of the IntelliJ IDE is based on javahelp and uses another font. So I think it must be possible. Is there someone who actually did this?

For completeness:

  • Including tags in the help files does not help.
  • Stylesheets do not work.
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Stylesheets seem to work ... in certain circumstances. Probably only a subset is supported, and the trick is to find out which one.

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The class doc for javax.swing.text.html.CSS lists the CSS subset that is supported by HTMLEditorKit. –  Mat Gessel Sep 30 '12 at 19:39

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