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I am in the midst of finishing up a design application where you can upload images and colors. I use the greensock transform manager. I am taking anything a user does and recording it so I can recreate what they made on larger scale behind the scenes (to be exported for printing purposes)

The problem I am running into is with rotation and moving x and y values. The transform manager does everything relative to a center point, but when i recreate the image object the registration point is at the top left. I have found how to rotate around the center of the object using the transform matrix, but I can't seem to move the x and y correctly because these values change when you rotate. I want to just move the image to the left or right relative to the center. How could I go about doing this.

Here is how I rotate.

private function rotateAroundCenter (ob:*, angleDegrees:Number, ptRotationPoint:Point) {
      var m:Matrix=ob.transform.matrix;
      m.tx -= ptRotationPoint.x;
      m.ty -= ptRotationPoint.y;
      m.rotate (angleDegrees*(Math.PI/180));
      m.tx += ptRotationPoint.x;
      m.ty += ptRotationPoint.y;

EDIT: Here is some more code when I am transforming the items (this is after I changed some things according to the first comment below. (the _j2sratio is what I am sizing everything up to for printing).

var newUI:MovieClip = new MovieClip();
var bmapHolder:MovieClip = new MovieClip();
bmapHolder.x = -bmapHolder.width/2;
bmapHolder.y = -bmapHolder.height/2;
newUI.width = $value.twidth * _j2sRatio;
newUI.height = $value.theight * _j2sRatio;
newUI.rotation = $value.rotation;
bmapHolder.scaleX = $value.scaleX * _newScale;
bmapHolder.scaleY = $value.scaleY * _newScale;
newUI.x = $value.positionX * _j2sRatio;
newUI.y = $value.positionY * _j2sRatio;
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why don't you have a sprite/movieClip that you apply the transformations to, and have the bitmap location offset by -width/2 and -height/2 for x and y respectively ?

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well I have tried this but some strange things are happening. I am using flex and some ui components, so not sure if that has anything to do with it. – pfunc Feb 22 '11 at 13:18
can you provide more detail? – Daniel Sep 26 '11 at 5:32

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