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Is it possible to use Zend Dom Query without Zend Framework?

If yes: Where to download Zend Dom Query and how to use it without Zend Framework?

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You can pull out the separate ZF files using some package managers like this one, which will tell what files do you need and will compress them for you. Zend_Dom_Query requires only

  • Zend/Dom/Query.php
  • Zend/Dom/Query/Css2Xpath.php
  • Zend/Dom/Query/Result.php
  • Zend/Dom/Exception.php
  • Zend/Exception.php

Anyhow, it's available for download. If there is an urgent need - there are lot of other tools like this one not only for ZF.

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Unless you have issues with disk space I wouldn't bother with this step, just download the minimal library version and put it on your include path. – David Caunt Feb 22 '11 at 11:35
sure, but when you're developing some custom module for some custom CMS and don't want your installation package grow in megabytes - why not using such tools? – nefo_x Feb 22 '11 at 15:47

The classes in Zend are not meant to be used standalone - is there a reason you cannot have the whole of ZF available but only use Zend_Dom_Query?

Failing that you can get the folder


And take it out of the ZF folder, you'll then need to look for any depenancies, having a quick look you will also need:


Give that a go, let us know how it goes....

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I assume by 'without Zend Framework' you mean without using Zend Framework's MVC components. You can use any component of Zend Framework in isolation; it is a glue framework.

Download the library and extract it into your project's library folder or PHP include path. It should then be roughly as simple as the following:

require_once 'Zend/Dom/Query.php';

$query = new Zend_Dom_Query(....);
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It seems to me this approach doesn't work with Zend Framework 2, I don't know why...

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You can use zendframework/zend-dom as a standalone component. It has no external dependencies, which means that it doesn't need another Zend component or other library to work.

Alternatively, you could also use a library that is totally unrelated to Zend, like tburry/pquery or my own PHPPowertools/DOM-Query. Both libraries serve the same purpose as zendframework/zend-dom, but syntax is different and HTML5 support may vary for each library.

Example :

This example illustrates how you'd load an HTML string and query for .foo .bar a, with each of these three libraries :

Using zendframework/zend-dom you'd do this :

use \Zend\Dom\Query;

$dom = new Query($htmlcode);
$results = $dom->execute('.foo .bar a');

Using tburry/pquery, you'd do this :

use \pQuery\pQuery

$dom = pQuery::parseStr($htmlcode);
$dom->query('.foo .bar a');

Using PHPPowertools/DOM-Query, you'd do this :

use \PowerTools\DOM_Query

$H = new DOM_Query($htmlcode);
$s = $H->select('.foo .bar a');

Pick your poison!

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