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I did something and the play arrow is not active :| any ideas how to make it active again? both in Release and Debug mode :(

It has happened after I have added NuGet and log4j.net. I have no errors messages and even in meny the run is disabled. In Debug menu I only have Start Performance Analysis, Attach to process(and others that are not Start Debugging).

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do you have a start project and start form set? That's most likely the issue. Right-click on your start project and set it as start project. Then choose the form you want to be the start form and set it to the start form.

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yeah :D thx a lot –  IAdapter Feb 21 '11 at 22:01
Glad it was something simple! –  Ali Feb 22 '11 at 1:39

You could try starting VS with the /Setup option as in this question.

Otherwise, this person had the same problem because they had multiple startup projects, and one of them was non-runnable. Could this be the case?

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Or you may simply use the shortcuts: F5 and CTRL + F5

Also, I've had this problem couple of times. When I select my main starting project or a file in it, it enables the play button again

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